Getting started

Hunt ducks, earn experience points...


You'll earn experience points by shooting at ducks. You earn 10 points per duck you kill.

You're also given 12 bullets to use per day. Once you use all of them, you must wait until midnight.

To kill a duck, you must use the !bang command. Doing so will consume 1 bullet.

Midnight means the following:

  • 23:00:00 GMT on the official bot.

  • Whatever time zone you're in if selfhosting the bot.

pageDuck spawning


Once you reach a certain amount of experience points, you switch to the next level.

Climbing levels currently gets you better accuracy when shooting ducks.

There are 50 levels in the game and to reach the last one, you need 40500 experience points.


Using the !me command will print your statistics; experience points, ducks killed, accuracy and bullets left.

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