Selfhost DuckHunTrix

You don't want to use the official bot. Admit it.

The data generated and used by the official bot will never be uploaded anywhere and will never be sold to anyone. The bot only collects, modify and updates required data. On the other hand, selfhosted bots may function differently.

Get started

First of all, you'll need Node, NPM and Git.

Supported versions by this projects are

  • Node 16.9.0

  • NPM 8.19.3

Clone the repo

Next thing to do is to download the bot's source code.

Use the following command:

git clone

Else, get it in ZIP or TAR.GZ archives.

Download the required packages

Go to the directory where there's the bot's source code then run

npm i

Start DuckHunTrix

Create an account for your selfhosted bot on any Matrix server.

Rename the tokens.sample.json file to tokens.json. It is located within the src folder.

Copy and paste the token and user ID. You may also want to set a "main" room by adding its ID to the tokens.json file.

Run the following command:

npm start

You should see the Got PREPARED! message in the console.

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