Configure the bot

How to edit the config.json file

Pretty much everything can be edited without editing the bot's code itself.

The file config.json is located within the src folder.

This is useful to users who choose to selfhost the bot.

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These are the values in use by the basic features.

Here's how it basically works:

  "dh": {
    "default_bullets": Integer,
    "duck_timeout": Integer,
    "interval_between_spawns": Integer,
    "max_ducks_in_room": Integer,
    "start": { ... },
    "xp": { ... }


How many bullets every user has by default. The amount of bullets of all users will be restored to this every day and if give_all_bullets_back is set to true.

Default: 12


Seconds before the spawned ducks leave the room.

Default: 600 (10 min)


The bot will try to spawn a duck every X seconds.

Default: 12


The maximum amount of ducks there should be in one room.

Default: 4


Values used at the bot start/restart.


Whether the bot should give all bullets back to all users at every start/restart. This doesn't affect the fact that bullets are given back every day at midnight.

Default: true


Values related to experience points.


Amount of experience points given to players when they successfully kill a duck.

Default: 10


Amount of experience points taken from players when they try to shoot at a duck but they miss it.

Default: 2


Amount of experience points taken from players when they shoot and there's no duck in the room.

Default: 1


All the settings related to logging. This doesn't affect gameplay, command usage or basic bot usage.


Show the random numbers that are generated when the bot tries to spawn a duck in the console.


Edit the prefix of the commands... or just don't set any.

Default: !

Tokens file

You must first rename tokens.sample.json to tokens.json and fill the values.

Strings file

You may edit the strings as you wish. Most of the messages sent by the bot include those strings.

Make sure to keep all strings and do not touch to text between {{ and }}.

You may remove some duck spawning and diseappearing messages as well, but keep at least one.

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