Contributors' guide

First of all, thank you for reading through this document.

I'm trying to make this project stable and usable by everyone by making it simple and easy and writing clear documentation.

The following is a simple set of guidelines for contributing to DuckHunTrix.

You may not use Discord to contribute.

How do I contribute?

"I don't want or need to read all of this! I just have a question!"

You may still create an issue to make it visible and clear for everybody else having the same question.

You may not try to get in touch via Discord or mail as it would hide your concern from everybody else.

  • All meta issues shall be closed with no further replies or comments.

  • Other users may help you on behalf of the developer. Be patient, respect them and remember the human. Thank you if you take the time to help other users!

Reporting bugs

Before filing a bug report, make sure of the following:

  • Search for your issue to avoid duplicates. I may rename issues to make them easier to find.

  • You may not report bugs related to node packages. Report them to their owner instead.

I use Codeberg Issues & Pull Requests as my bug, feature, enhancement tracker.

Using Issues

Here's some guidelines to help you create your issue and help other reproduce and fix the problem.

  • Describe the steps. Provide as many details as you can to reproduce the bug.

  • Provide screenshots or a stack trace. If you're reporting a bug or/and hosting the bot on your own, this is required. You may provide screenshots as well.

Suggesting enhancements

Before you do so,

  • Search for existing issues.

  • Make sure that your idea hasn't already been added to the project.

Using Issues

Read the main guidelines, but instead of providing a stacktrace,

  • Describe the current and the expected behaviors.

  • Explain how this would be useful.

Using PRs

The GitHub mirror is a mirror. Only submit PRs to the Codeberg repository.

  • Maintain your Pull Request up-to-date with recent commits.

  • Reference related issues and other PRs in the commits description.

  • Maintain the indentation. Use ESLint, or anything else that works for you.


Those are simple and clear guidelines that may or may not change. Thanks for reading this document.

The project is open to contributions and contributions are always welcome!

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